The worldwide famous reliable business partner and financial information source Forbes recently analyzed about the potentiality of Vietnam software outsourcing industry. As Forbes stated, Vietnam is striving to provide the world’s highest quality in offshore software development.

According to the white paper, the value of Vietnam ICT industry can be up to $2.3 billion USD with a steady annual growth rate from 20-25% since 2001. With 40% lower in labor cost comparing to China and India (NeoIT), Vietnam is expected to become a more attractive destination for global companies who always look for ways to cut down on their cost.

It is not an overstatement at all when Forbes named Ho Chi Minh City as Sillicon Valley and Ha Noi as Seattle of Vietnam. These two biggest cities are home to big technology companies such as TMA Solutions, FPT, Vietgest or Vietsoftware and many more.
TMA is one of the strongest software companies in Vietnam with a variety of services from telecommunications, offshore software development to mobile solutions or business application. TMA Solutions also catches up with the new technology trends with development in software testing and quality assurance. Having a large labor pool of more than 1,200 engineers possessing qualified skills in the industry, TMA Solutions is capable of handling big complex projects with worldwide famous clients.

Steps by steps over the years, they have proven themselves to become a reliable partner of many worldwide famous clients offering them high quality outcome at a cheaper cost.

Source: Forbes.