In 2012, Viet Nam was placed #2 which is higher than India and just only after China about software outsourcing industry in Japan. There are many companies in Japan which are increasingly interested in the development of software outsourcing in Viet Nam. They can leverage Vietnam offshore IT resources from leading offshore software outsourcing companies.

Identifying the demands of many Japanese companies for further information about Vietnam software outsourcing, Nikkei magazine (Japan) has organized a conference “Vietnam ICT Day in Japan”. According to the provided information at a conference, Viet Nam is the only one country has a constant development during the 5-year period in software outsourcing, software development and software testing in Japan. In addition, based on the results of research has been done by Information Technology Promotion Agency Japan with 1,100 IT Japanese companies about offshore software outsourcing, offshore software development and offshore software testing, there are 31.5% IT companies in Japan chose Viet Nam as well as Ho Chi Minh City as their destinations which are definitely higher than other countries such as India (20.6%), China (16.7%), Thailand (9.7%), Philippines (7.4%), etc.

Not only have a higher ranking than India, but the software outsourcing industry in Viet Nam also has many chances to welcome investment waves from the East, because IT industry in Japan is facing with the enormous challenges about China + 1 which has been the biggest market and received the largest investment from Japan.

That issue creates many opportunities for many countries, especially for the offshore software outsourcing in Ho Chi Minh City – Viet Nam. Ho Chi Minh City is a fast-growing destination for software outsourcing with strong government support for the software industry. However, software outsourcing companies in Viet Nam must ensure about the quality assurance (QA) as well as competitive costs if they want to be a long-term partner with Japanese enterprises.