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Applying to Nitrotech Vietnam

So you found a job from our current openings that you feel you are suitable for, or are passionate about? Then the next step would be to go through the application process.

Step 1: Prepare your CV / resume

The first step is to prepare your resume or CV in English. Your CV document should have all the important details about you, including your skills, work experience, and contact details. We accept documents in Word, Open Office, and PDF formats. You can also send your CV as a link to an online document such as google docs, as long as its accessible and printable.

Step 2: Send your CV / Resume via E-Mail

After you complete your CV, send it as an email to Make sure your email is virus free.

Step 3: Wait for the Call

If the skills you put in your CV meet our requirements, we’ll give you a call and invite you for an interview. The phone call will be in English in order to immediately gauge your English communication level over the phone. During the call, our HR staff will give you the details about your interview schedule, as well as our company’s location and contact details. Feel free to give us a call or send an email if you need clarifications or directions to our office.

Step 4: Prepare for the interview

Since Nitrotech is an global company, English is the standard means of communication among employees and towards our clients. Prepare to talk about yourself and share your work experience in English. We want to get to know you as an individual and discover your strengths and skills, as well as your ability to comprehend and communicate in English.

Step 4: The Test and Interview

Since we have a lot of openings, please be prepared to wait for an hour or so for your actual interview, especially if your interview is scheduled in the afternoon. Applicants will be asked to take a computerized test to measure their general skill and English comprehension. Applicants to developer positions will be asked to take programming tests. The interview can be made in person by one of our staff or through a video conference with our foreign clients. For those who have never gone through an English interview before, you can browse through youtube for helpful job interview videos

Step 5: Review our offer

If you’re successful throughout the interview and selection process, we’ll make you a formal offer in writing. You’ll have the opportunity to ask any questions and, if you’re happy with the offer, we look forward to receiving your confirmation and welcoming you on board. In most cases, the client or interviewer will make it clear if the offer is negotiable or non-negotiable.

Step 6: Prepare to join

Before starting at Nitrotech, please make sure that you are already cleared from your previous employment and have no other professional commitments that would interfere with your work in Nitrotech. Our HR staff will provide you the essential items that you need to access our office and our IT technicians will help you set up your workstation on your first day.

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